Monday, February 28, 2011


derek snodgrass bro buddys back ,he should move back westcoastway, temple brotherhood! (need better photos of this  2boot

Heaven & Hell - Die Young

goose bumps definatly not doosche bumps , rip DIO , he says it in the first second aswell


one of the founding blackheart warriors...out lasted some ....more interesting than others.. oil painting wedding gift to his parents jeff and dali few years back..

random smaller tattoo works, no so recent but..


this is enroute to me, my replica from birmingham england , JAYDEE GUITARS when you play them you know why tony iommi's favorite guitar to this day is his old boy made by mr. john diggins of jaydee guitars! yes geeking out on guitars some more...

this is iommi's modified 65 sg special , this is the instrument that started all thats good heavy and doomy, all the original albums of sabbath were made mostly with this , epic 

the original old boy


raiders fan / WWII history buff ,, art for jeff hanneman ,by me lehi?...  hey at least its not flamey tribal ala dusk till dawn. 

death is certain life is not

now these guys i trust

MALE totem my dad carved and painted many years ago..  eew 

T shirt art for the mighty SAINT VITUS!!!!!!

th tha the Jay , rj

this  tiger on this guy below, well not really, world famous roaster of coffee beans RJ

old tattoo drawing

somthing i started dumbass disappeared ..dont care like the drawing tho.... may the chilllz  be with you

Saturday, February 26, 2011


the godfather doomy 7thson of a 7thson

did this at hennings shop few years back only have cell phone pic

black heart shirt art...

Friday, February 25, 2011


tony iommi's old boy jaydee guitars birmingham england!!im getting one soooon 

tattooeys 2009?10? monster tim

jeff crib knee muzzel

had a 68 charger drew rat finky self 9 yrs ago random



i have my own wine outta my meo-ouse!!!

lady porkins

some tad ooze random recent


athena godess! need healed photos of many things


mighty goat  forearm!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

tattooooooooooo stuff

interesting elbow

4 horsemen  after DURE

like doing tigers and pretty much any creature real or of myth!!!eeep

more tattooes random sorta recent

chalice if BLOOD

dinosuars yes!! and this one ate a baby

tiger kimono cover up 

zombie lady disembowels clown


cranes finished near end of 2010