Monday, August 29, 2011

to hell with fbi and KROOKS in government , GIBSON GUITARS IS A PROUD AMERICAN ACHIEVEMENT IN CRAFT AND INDUSTRY!! they should be getting AWARDS and HONORS from the USA instead of RAIDS and shut down...

headstock of a tuff battered 61 les paul (sg shape)

a gibson

a les paul & les paul

iconic headstock shape! and logo 65 sg special


2001 aged  goldtop , sweet

jimmy page , gibson lovers & players all over the globe , shitty goverment back off, go take care of some real problems ,  like rap, haha  no really

few random tattoo jobs , headn to east coast finally after Hurrican delays !

a fun take on a tiger tattoo, thanks 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

fiddle fiddles fiddles!

murphy aged 60 reissue at route 66 guitars one of the best experiences dealing with them.

GLORY fiddle!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

BLACK HEART ART showing , space gallery aug. 13Th opening reception

above flyer for the show
below one of the battle royal babes 6ft tall, everything im putting in the show is for sale.

Les Paul

the man! 

the GLORY GUITAR!!! nearly completed by Andy Beech of D'Haitre woodworks

saw this guitar being played on ozzy's live and loud dvd was always obsessed with it , finally having one built ,i love les pauls and this is a killer version or take on that, YES!the original one was built for zakk wylde , andy has made alot of guitars for prince as well.