Sunday, August 11, 2013

BAPHOMET biomechish commission 2013

a fun commission  bio baphomet 22x40 inches  for nick filth , very much enjoyed making gthis one , thanks

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gorilla Snake Battle 2013 for Osti.

Commission from 2013. Fairly large piece, fun to paint. Apes are always a fun subject to tattoo and paint. Commissions welcome. Black Heart Tattoo 415-431-2100.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thursday, July 4, 2013

GUITAR WORLD magazine JEFF HANNEMAN TRIBUTE pull out poster !!!!!!!!

 i was honored to be able to pay tribute to Jeff Hanneman in the issue , glad to be asked and stoked that the folks at GW liked the concept , and had good input .... i grew up with this band , had poster in my room growing up , was excited to get to meet jeff a few times (& design picks & guitar stuff)thru my good friend Armand Butts Crump 3 BCIII whom i miss very much RIP , if you look closely on the poster one of the wermacht skulls has a BCIII on the helmet...  Jeff was really cool to me ,  and thanks to Armand i think i got to chat with him about art music stuff & of course have some drinks and shots, he wrote or co wrote most of my favorites ! onward ! to valhalla !! thanks ! jimmy Hubbard and Brad Angle ... and guitar world

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PARIS CONVENTION 2013 a few tattoo works done there.....

 catacombs visiting the long dead .....
 a few tattoos i did at the TIN TIN tattoo convention all fun  good clients !!! fun tattoos did as many as i had time to do worked out great  , thx , tin tin

 still have a few single sheets of tiger flash for sale at the shop limited amounts left ,


art for the  long awaited 3 floyds high on fire beer !!!  RAZOR HOOF!!!! ill post the work with the logo photo shopped together soon excited to see what they do with this painting i did ! enjoy soon !!!

HIGH ON FIRE , MUNICIPAL WAISTE , WITCH , & three floyd's beer labels some commercial work

Friday, May 10, 2013


i had the pleasure of meeting and doing  artwork for jeff hanneman  on some guitars  and personalized picks ,  nice  and funny easier to talk to than mosty the other dudes in the band  of course growing up with slayer , it was a surreal experience  mad possible , by armand butts crump 3 rip , lame they are gone ... what the hell is happening .....

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

video goofing off with Armand BCIII 2006-7 he was filming me F'n off

i didnt realize this was on his youtube account still ,  along with other rad thing like BClll from hell  act.. last sunday was one year  since gettiing stoked on guitar geeking out and  all things maiden  and  guitars guitars,,,n shit talk  ect... very missed .

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


XNO did all our portraits for=flash book  COVER to come out some ...some time this year featuring myself TIM LEHI , UZI, ARRON COLEMAN, & RICHARD STELL, lots of epic magic for every  shop on the planet to own!!!!!

special rock book peak RIP BCIII

so theres this flash book  coming out  many great and not so great artist of the tattoo world involved , def, worth checking out regardless , iron maiden was reserved for me ,  gladly i accepted  , i woulda like to do 3/4 ths the bands available  , but all in all good idea & well worth owning when its available , painting the eddies and maiden sheet i thought about how my buddy armand BCIII  would have demanded ownership of my original ! ha , and our year 2008 seeing them  5 times alomost in a row  & meeting our lord and saviour DAVE MURRAY  , Epic memories  rip BCIII

from sketch to giant WOLF back

2012-2013 art works TIGERS ZOMBIES SHARKS DRAGONS ONI SNAKES AND EAGLES , but No apocolypse

commissions and some pop up sales on instagram these are all sold ,  various sizes & getting backed up a bit witrh requests and commissions , so im taking fewer as of lately , but still feel free to email me ,  i try to get to them regularly best i can thanks again to all those who have shown interest and grabbed these ,requested them, ect.. i look forward to making alot more , besides all the tattoo work , thanks, tim