Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Older Oni Back, newer photo.. and SNAKES

probably finished this 6-7 years ago?

older tattoos (snakes) recently finished , birds by whitehead circa 98ish? 
all the same lady, cool

rib mask


finished a few on-going projects recently this is one ,

INFERNUS gorgoroth!! white "V"s jackson Gibson ect..

randy rhodes jackson , love'em

mid 90's infernus

infernus created gorgoroth , the most important songs riffs,, came from him, white gibson V excellent

jackson V , very good yes,

williamsburg brklyn,, hipster , i think took this photo , infernus , he put out that black metal photo book few years back ,  i enjoyed some of it ,  but trend dabbling  here and there,  trend surfing every little hot  occurance , searching for what to follow next ,,,, weak .. way to many photos of gaahl, wonder why?? hmmm

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Don Ed Hardy & Bob Roberts: "Exhibition Match"

documentary on Ed Hardy& Bob Roberts art show , interesting cool, and a bonus?!? listen to the sound track and checkout the music credits .....hehe

Ed Hardy 'TATTOO THE WORLD' promo trailer

super stoked this was made, All art all tattooiing , lots of videofootage of some of EDs iconic ground breaking work only seen in tatoo times before, a must see , a good reminder of what its all about, for art driven tattooers

JayDee guitar soon to be finished !!!

black doom ,  check out the crucifix string anchors old example below!! YES!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

DINOSAURS!!!!! rough sketch

sleeve coming up soon, rough sketch , she wanted" classic " dinosaurs  , meaning T rex trycerotops <sp , ect.. on the under arm  and extra spaces , im going to try and fit  distant  detailed images other dino's ect,,  but try not to over do the use of space,  maybe a DINO back piece will come along someday or body suit , so many amazing dinosaurs that could be done and flow rad on a large  scale or large body work !!! much thanks to william stout , so glad my dad got me that dinosaur book when i was very young 8ish

Dispirit from the bay area

more john gossard brilliance , ex weakling ex the gault  ex asunder...check them out, if your a fan of this sorta stuff doomy triumphant long songed EPIC ,  pop punk it is..yippie! 


I am the black wizards , old promo photo early 90's magic , 

ibanez guitar wanted IBANEZ 540II

Ibanez 540pII   Rare late 80'searly 90's model , also refered to as the alex skolnick model "testament" ... i
in search of one of these please  , must shredd 

embarasseing mddle school photo , one of my first guitars a cheap cheap ibanez , im wishing it was the one above probably in a tuffer color, my sister my uncle terry, and...   Xmas time prolly 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chuck Schuldiner Tribute

RIP CHUCK dec 13

AZ road trip, a few from Immaculate in mesa AZ

all iphone pics.. so so...    tiger neck throat shot 

 crazy hook em horns ONI  blasting gas , you can see this ones nuts...

tiny reaper

the wolf! on a thigh

skull samuri below

jesus's(immaculate shop helper) Vagina reaper..... ripping apart severing flesh cox for eyes ..tearing limb from limb!!!! had a lot of fun working at A CLMN's shop with everyone and a bonus got to work  a few days with by old friend and buddy , Jef Whitehead .. also played with a colemans band project , with his son darby playing bass one night , and me and jef improved , some DOOOMish tunes ,, that was it then the long drive back.was nice to get away a bit , now to try and plan a real vacation , or staycation...


rare shot of tony IOMMI with a kahler tremolo  same style used by the likes of Slayer,  Judas priest , lots of folks hate'm  but look at some of the albums and tunes  they've been a tool in making??.. im a fan of  no tremolo but  like to have the option ... this is probably from Born Again  era, Zero the Hero!!!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black Sabbath-Headless Cross video

not the most popular sabbath era or singer ,BUT! iommi and cozy powell, and tony martin can sing pretty damn good , iommi riffs on his old boy jaydee guitar

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

occult Death zombie TATTOOing


john diggins & john birch guitars

rare picture of tony iommi with john birch left hand les paulish style guitar , in this era early 70's alot of the john birch guitars were made by john diggins (jaydee guitars) im always interested i these 70's birch's for that fact, because the jaydees are so excellent , so aquiring  early 70's sg style birch is always a mission ! i have owned recent birch guitar from whoever took over the name , i was not impressed at all with it and sold it at a loss , thankfully discovering jaydee guitars by that time...

creepy fringe , dave hill with  old john birch sg white ! what it!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

JAYDEE CUSTOM GUITARs birmingham !!! iommi!!! angus !!!!

a few old jaydees once belonging to tony iommi prob heaven &hell,mob rules  thru born again eras

CRUCIFIX STRING ANCHORS!!!john diggins said this one was built for heaven&hell album touring  black sabbath touring for the record in the early 80's , rip dio

yep angus played a jaydee!!  note the headstock

BIO-MECH tattoos , yep im down

this'n isnt quite finished but hope to get'r done ???

erotical mechanical