Monday, May 30, 2011

CHUCK lives!!! more young evil Chuck!! r.i.p.

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  1. Hi my name is Chad Robinson. I grew up with Chuck and sold him that guitar for $7. A shop in Orlando called The Guitar Factory that is still there and you can call and verify, is where it was built. The guitar has a bird inlay at the third fret and Brass side in inlays that are not visible in the photos. It was sort of a cross between a Mockingbird and Rich Bitch. I'm pretty sure it was the guitar on scream bloody Gore. I know it was a guitar on the death demos. When I met Chuck he had 4 strings on his guitar. His dad Mal reminisced that to me at his memorial at Dubsdread Golf Country Club in College Park Fl. When I met Chuck he listened to Generation X, Agent metal. I'm disappointed that he never put my name as thanks on anything. Kind of a bummer when you're friends. Used to skip school (Lyman High School 9th grade) and walk through the woods to either of our houses and play guitar. He was in my band in 9th grade, his first time in a band. He only played two songs in our band. I can dig up some photos. My phone is 407-620-5961. Hope this helps with the truth about that guitar.