Tuesday, November 29, 2011

john diggins & john birch guitars

rare picture of tony iommi with john birch left hand les paulish style guitar , in this era early 70's alot of the john birch guitars were made by john diggins (jaydee guitars) im always interested i these 70's birch's for that fact, because the jaydees are so excellent , so aquiring  early 70's sg style birch is always a mission ! i have owned recent birch guitar from whoever took over the name , i was not impressed at all with it and sold it at a loss , thankfully discovering jaydee guitars by that time...

creepy fringe , dave hill with  old john birch sg white ! what it!


  1. Hi Tim, I still own the white SG that JB took to the Hamburg Music Faire in 1973.
    If you'd like to see a pic of it circa 1975, it's the 2nd from left one in my profile pics on Myspace; click on that one. Best guitars ever made.

  2. love to see photo some how , not on facebook nor myspace ??? but wish i could see the JB you speak of? maybe beppe can help? thanks, tim