Tuesday, December 13, 2011

AZ road trip, a few from Immaculate in mesa AZ

all iphone pics.. so so...    tiger neck throat shot 

 crazy hook em horns ONI  blasting gas , you can see this ones nuts...

tiny reaper

the wolf! on a thigh

skull samuri below

jesus's(immaculate shop helper) Vagina reaper..... ripping apart severing flesh cox for eyes ..tearing limb from limb!!!! had a lot of fun working at A CLMN's shop with everyone and a bonus got to work  a few days with by old friend and buddy , Jef Whitehead .. also played with a colemans band project , with his son darby playing bass one night , and me and jef improved , some DOOOMish tunes ,, that was it then the long drive back.was nice to get away a bit , now to try and plan a real vacation , or staycation...

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