Thursday, July 4, 2013

GUITAR WORLD magazine JEFF HANNEMAN TRIBUTE pull out poster !!!!!!!!

 i was honored to be able to pay tribute to Jeff Hanneman in the issue , glad to be asked and stoked that the folks at GW liked the concept , and had good input .... i grew up with this band , had poster in my room growing up , was excited to get to meet jeff a few times (& design picks & guitar stuff)thru my good friend Armand Butts Crump 3 BCIII whom i miss very much RIP , if you look closely on the poster one of the wermacht skulls has a BCIII on the helmet...  Jeff was really cool to me ,  and thanks to Armand i think i got to chat with him about art music stuff & of course have some drinks and shots, he wrote or co wrote most of my favorites ! onward ! to valhalla !! thanks ! jimmy Hubbard and Brad Angle ... and guitar world

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