Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lloyd Peters R.I.P.

my dads Dad , nope not a famous hollywood mask... my father took these pic.s of grandpa a few years before  his death, he was stricken with alopecia around twelve ,  no body hair! head eyebrows all the rest too bald for life in many ways harmless,just going bald at twelve might have mentally freakin OUT side affects!, a rare version of it. grew up a ass kicker being made fun of through schooling and aft (being completely bald in that day and age was completely alien and freakish) .... later  he became an auto-mechanic teacher/preacher , one of the kindest most logical men to live , like a prankster spock , hairless vulcan , less pointy ears , my younger impressions of my super rad grandpa , ( tought me to drive too)

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