Monday, March 7, 2011


tattooed warriors finished somewhat recently

tomomori seafood chef


  1. really awesome stuff, thank you for sharing!

  2. I hate all of this shit, especially the wet pussy. Your water's the worst. Cute baby blue shi shi curls.

    Please pardon the "insults." I guess I should grow up and just say "This is really good. I wish I were good at something." Honestly, looking at your stupid tattoos and drawings infuriates me. And no, I'm not kissing your ass. Really. Fuck you, man. I hate you. Motherfucker. Thanks for creating this shit blog so I can hate myself for being worthless. I'm not even a tattooer, and crap "art" like yours makes me realize I'm hopelessly impotent. Thanks a lot. Really. Thanks. Go die somewhere.

  3. Kuronuma's post-mortem dry heaves momentarily cease at the sight of that tiger water.