Sunday, January 15, 2012

TATTOO ARTIST mag. oh man ..... here it comes

after years of saying no because  of being burned by past shitty articles usually involving  a shop as a group , not a solo article . ive avoided doing long .. finally felt it was time .. to do a little something , at least just show work , id rather just make fun awesome tattoos  and art ,  then really talk about it or so on , i definitely  have strong opinions on alot of shit in this industry( now a fucking days) but i keep , this pretty art tattoo / art driven ONLY,so kinda bland , on the words content ??maybe??/ ,  im glad i did dragons ( cover) and this coming out in the year of the dragon makes me glad i chose the theme  even tho at the time i was not aware 2012 was dragon year again..i must admit ..hope its good.. argh ... 

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