Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tattoo Artist Mag..

preview of article coming on any day ... weird  17 yr old pic , with faux BM lettering strange ,,, lil embarassed..  but hey  proves a few things ... NO trend 

im pretty ok with it i guess...... several tattoos i was very proud of didnt make it in  and lots af art ..ect.. but there was enuff material for a book i suppose ...

some of the work is very old and i did try to have  a year next to the work to show  sorta a progression , or at least that ive been  at this  pretty long  time ,  not that early , but maybe 11 -12 year old stuff ... didnt happen , , so its a bit random ,  in the big picture grand scheme  ect ect..  its good  , enjoy 

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